Theo Alexander Theo Alexander


"These pieces feel both beautiful and intense... These patterns and progressions have been finding their way into my dreams lately, which makes a certain amount of sense. This music feels calm, but relentless at the same time"
NPR (Stephen Thompson)

"Animadversions blends Minimalist-style repeating cells on the piano with a constant recycling of that material on four-track cassette loops. It [...] presents itself as a kind of four-square, apparently simple set of musical fragments – until you get lost in the kaleidoscope of cross-rhythms..."
WNYC New Sounds

"Sunbathing Through a Glass Screen is a pleasant surprise, even in its disconsolation. Theo Alexander’s compositions are imaginative and original yet find familiarity, evoking early ‘70s minimalism. There are so many layers to unearth, and the expressive soundscapes throughout offer a momentary reprieve from all the outside noise."
Foxy Digitalis

"The way that Theo Alexander plays with elements of prepared piano, and using other effects, tape loops and stuff, gives this music an internal dialogue with itself... There is a way that these tracks devolve and reconstruct themselves even as you're listening... There's a very fine line on this record between order and disorder"
NPR (Stephen Thompson/Ann Powers)

“Haunting” is a lazy and inaccurate way to describe one’s sound, except when you’re talking about London composer Theo Alexander. Layers of piano echo on top of each other to create an ancient, claustrophobic sound that sounds eerie and beautiful – imagine if My Bloody Valentine tried writing a piano ballad."
Headphone Nation

"Fans of John Luther Adams will find the towering clouds of sonics that Theo Alexander has put together incredibly pleasing. Layer upon layer of piano and synths creates the ability for the song to sound like rushing water, as well as like being underwater. It’s a beautiful landscape."
Independent Clauses

"That Alexander can balance a percussive instinct with, as the piece proceeds, a penchant for melodic flourishing is very much to his credit."

"Alexander's weapon of choice is the piano, and he finds ways to create a melodic dissonance and percussion that takes you on a emotional magic carpet ride."

"His music is very simple and yet, even with the absence of vocals, entrancing, rhythmic and charging. Even when it is only the piano, he doesn't allow you to fall asleep..."