Theo Alexander Theo Alexander

Sunbathing Through a Glass Screen

Sunbathing Through a Glass Screen is an album that draws on the excesses and fears of life during climate collapse. Ecstatic joy and anxious fear rub shoulders on each composition resulting in something catchy and intimidating at the same time.

Features double bass contributions by George Cremaschi of the Prague Improvisation Orchestra

Complete video accompaniment by Omar El-Sadek

Mixed by Joel Ford

"Theo Alexander's fifth long-player is about 'excess in a time of crisis', so for all the melancholy that pervades the Londoner's neoclassical timbres, 'Sunbathing Through a Glass Screen' dumps a welcome load of fury onto the genre. Red hot it is, too. [...] Alexander creates drama and poignancy using very little ammo - a piano, a tape loop, cello swipes and a throb of double bass. 'Bright-Eyed Hunger', a Reichian spin on Joe Hisaishi's soundtrack for 1993 yakuza film 'Sonatine' is a case in point."

Electronic Sound Magazine